The Human Equity Continuum

How does your company measure up to Canada’s Best Diversity Employers?

The Human Equity Continuum is an industry recognized measurement tool to evaluate the core measures of an equitable and inclusive work environment. The continuum captures the various motivations behind organizations' efforts to move from legislated to equity, diversity, inclusion and human equity.

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The Equitable Leader Assesment

Check yourself against TWI or industry norms

The ELA is a unique developmental tool designed to measure behaviours and competencies that define inclusive, equitable leadership. Specifically, this report provides you with information on 9 core competencies that form the foundation of equitable leadership. This influences how we engage other important, but more peripheral, leadership competencies that are linked to important business outcomes including: productivity, customer satisfaction, retention, profitability.

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The Equitable Leader 360 Assesment

Have collegues rate you as well as yourself!

The ELA 360 is a companion piece to the self assessment of the ELA. It validates a leader's self perception and provides an objective perspective of the leader's behaviour using a 360 degree feedback process. The ELA 360 allows several colleagues to provide the leader candid and constructive feedback on the 9 core Competencies of equitable and inclusive leadership.

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